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The Start of Something Good..

You want to act on your idea or project. No matter how big or small, Checkpoint Six wants to work with you. Through strategic planning, we work collaboratively to match expectations to outcomes. Along the way we uncover value and unlock potential. Big ideas, reality bound.

strategic planning and brand development – building the ‘face’ to the idea;

building a ‘voice’ to match the ‘face’ – who to talk to and what to say utilizing all forms of media;

ideas need ‘funding’ support – from major gifts through event fundraising, we find the right development mix to support your idea long term;

the idea has a ‘face’, a ‘voice’, and the ‘funds’, now it is time to add the support from the ‘people’.

Who We Are

david thomson
David Thomson
Managing Director
People, team play, and leadership are all aspects of my daily regiment that excite me. The act of leading a group of people on a difficult challenge, collaborating for solutions that yield measurable results is core to my character – I have over ten years experience being such a leader.

Working in the not for profit (NPO) sector for the past five years has opened my eyes to a different way of approaching business. I like to inject ‘capitalistic urgency’ into the NPO world providing unique business solutions and strategy. This has provided me a key asset in finding that donor dollar.

I am passionate and high energy with a good sense of humor. I have had a long career involved in Crown corporations and government agencies. These organizations, though large, have taught me process and governance, allowing me to lead by example in any professional setting.

Being results oriented and analytical in my approach to thinking have proven valuable on a number of occasions where I have been dropped into challenging situations to help realign team dynamics in an efficient and effective manner.

What We Do

strategy, planning, activation, analysis

Our Clients

Scope: Develop and manage the Foundation website, assist in strategy and implementation in marketing communication.

Deliverables: Website build and ongoing management, implementation of online commerce, Production of annual Webster Chronicle, event photography, ongoing sponsorship recognition and stewardship.

Date of Service: September 1999–present
Scope: Develop and manage the Foundation website, assist in strategy and implementation in marketing communication.

Deliverables: Website build and ongoing management, logo and brand development and design, event photography, ongoing communication strategy.

Date of Service: November 2004–present
Scope: Steer an established company through strategic business development including rebranding.

Deliverables: SWOT analysis, Positioning Statement

Date of Service: February 1, 2014–present
Scope: The project started off with the objective to build a self sustaining fund raising arm for the Museum through the successful exploration and securing of annual corporate memberships. As the project matured, a new objective came to light; to build industry relations into a program that can support the diversification of revenue streams through connection, stewardship, education, and collaboration.

Deliverables: Expansion of CRM database by 200+ constituents, increase in Corporate memberships, development of industry relations, corporate sales sheet (script), sales flow chart, future fund raising ideas list.

Date of Service: February 11, 2014–July 1, 2014
Scope: Ongoing professional support in the area of new business prospecting and development.

Deliverables: prospect list, sales training, new client retention, existing client stewardship, corporate sales sheet, SWOT analysis

Date of Service: March 19, 2014–present
Scope: Lead a Board of Directors through the steps of a Strategic Business Plan in the quest to start a new not-for-profit.

Deliverables: SWOT Analysis, Mission, Vision, Values, Positioning Statement, Small Box, Creative Brief, logo and brand development, website development and management, budget creation, 3/5/10 year plan, BHAG exploration, objectives and tactical delivery.

Date of Service: April 2, 2014–October 1, 2014
Scope: To Develop and implement a long-term sustainable fund development division for the WCRA.

Deliverables: Development Plan to compliment Strategic Plan, purchased and implement CRM software, Chair and deliver September fund raising Gala with $10K net profit, fund raise for new School house and paving, apply on 2015 CN EcoConnexions, build functional plan around Foundations and Grants.

Date of Service: May 28, 2014–present

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Squamish, BC
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